At Cattura Video we take great pride in building open and flexible video solutions for educators that are adopting lecture capture and flipped learning into their classrooms. Our open philosophy has transcended into a simple, well-integrated alternative to costly & complex enterprise video solutions.


Introducing Simplified Versions

Updates are everywhere in your life. From the apps on your phone to the OS on your computer, there is always some bug fix, feature improvement, or version change that needs to happen. CaptureCast units are no different, and our team is diligently working every day to improve how the systems work, squash all the bugs they find, update drivers and add new features. How can you be sure you have the latest version?

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In Case Of Emergency...

Situations happen all the time where internet speeds are slow, the network crashes, the power goes out, or someone trips over the power cord. Occasionally servers go down, uploads fail, or something gets lost in translation from the master copy to what ends up online. When you are relying on a software-only approach or a cloud-only solution, the possibility of these captures being lost forever is real. Very real.

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CaptureCast Pro's New Look: The Outside Matters As Much As The Inside

Our original CaptureCast Pro units looked every bit like a hardcore video capture solution – big and powerful. That original design was so big, in fact, that we decided that it was time for it to lose a little weight, drop its size down a bit, and split itself in two – and that’s just what we did.

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Hardware-as-a-Service in the Age of the Cloud

The cloud is a remarkable, innovative, and cost-effective tool that allows for new solutions, applications, and services to exist. Cloud computing has changed so much in our daily lives that we can easily take it for granted. In a world that can be unreliable, we provide your capture environment with stability by offering Hardware-as-a-Service. Our machines are purpose-built to always perform their best, even if there is a drop in internet service or if there is a failed upload.

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What is Professional Lecture Capture?

The method you use to capture video is dependent on what you need to accomplish. For some, one video input and a PowerPoint is all that is needed. For some, multiple devices and perspectives are required. Think of this as two different needs – personal and professional.

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