Dedicated Room Recording & Webcasting Device For Kaltura

Native CaptureSpace & MediaSpace Integration - Record & Playback Mulitple Cameras & Screens in HD - Produce Live 1080P Webcast Using Multiple Cameras & Screens
Native Kaltura Scheduling Service Integration - Automatic Slide Presentation Extraction To s Video Chapters With Slide Search

Kaltura Integration Highlights

Multi-Input Recording

Each input is encoded independently at rates up to 1080P/60FPS and accurately synchronized for seamless multi-source video playback inside the native Kaltura HTML 5 player.

HD Live Broadcasting

Produce a multi-camera and screen webcast to Kaltura's live streaming service while concurrently recording, indexing, and processing master HD videos for on-demand video playback in Kaltura.

Smart Video Meta

Analyze recorded inputs in real-time to extract slides, images, text, speech, and other critical video timeline metadata to auto-enhance the rerecording process for smart content placement, video search, and indexing.

Flexible Scheduling

Hybrid local scheduling service to quicky setup reoccurring recordings, import events from iCal, or configure to automtically sync with Kaltura's scheduling service in real-time.

Recording Workflow Templates

Streamline the complexities of audio & video recording work-flows, video encoding, metadata injecting, and automatic publishing by using sophisticated workflow templates.

Turnkey A/V Integration

Seamlessly bridge third-party Audio/Visual equipment into Kaltura using CaptureCast as an interface and configuration point for all your complex Video/Audio integration.

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